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In order to participate in experiments at the Appalachian State University Experimental Economics Laboratory (AppEEL), you must register in our database using the lab's online recruitment system. Part of this registration process involves acknowledging the following basic rules of conduct:

  • Experiments in AppEEL require participants to read instructions on a computer screen and enter decisions via a keyboard and/or a mouse device. By registering an account with ORSEE, you are affirming that you have no conditions that prevent you from doing either.
  • You can only register once in the ORSEE database. Registering multiple accounts undermines scientific research. Any participant found with more than one profile will be excluded from all future studies.
  • A certain number of registered persons will receive an invitation email to each experiment. The exact number is determined by the researcher conducting that experiment. Only the invited persons may take part in that experiment.
  • If you receive an invitation email, you must respond affirmatively in order to participate. Spaces in an experiment are limited, so it is important to respond early to better ensure that a space will still be available.
  • Usually, some extra persons are invited to ensure that a minimum participation level is achieved. Invited persons participation eligibility will be determined on a first come basis.
  • Every participant who is invited to an experiment and shows up on time will at least be compensated by a show-up payment of $5.00.
  • In experiments, participants are given the opportunity to earn money, which will be paid in cash upon the completion of the experiment. The amount participants earn depends on the decisions made during the experiment. Generally, the longer the duration of the experiment the more money participants will have the opportunity to earn.
  • If a participant decides to leave before the completion of an experiment, they will be paid their show-up payment. However, they will forgo any earnings they might have accumulated up to that point.
  • Important Note: Once a participant signs up for an experiment, they can withdraw this response from the recruitment system, if done at least 24 hours in advance. If a participant wishes to withdraw from an experiment less than 24 hours in advance, he or she will have to email the experimenter. If a participant withdraws less than 24 hours in advance, he or she will be charged with a "no-show penalty" to their registration account. After a person receives 3 no-show penalties, he or she will be permanently removed from the database, and will be ineligible for any further experiments.
  • Important Note: After the scheduled start time, anyone who responded affirmatively to an invitation but did not show up will not receive any compensation for that experiment. In addition, he or she will be charged with a "no-show penalty" to their registration account.

Therefore, by registering for laboratory experiments, you agree with the following statement:

I have been informed that if I withdraw less than 24 hours in advance, do not show up, or show up late for an experiment I have registered for, this may lead to the experiment being canceled. If I do this 3 times, I will be excluded from participating in economics experiments. Extenuating circumstances will be excused.

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